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Garden Design

A good, well thought out design is key to creating a beautiful functional space.

The process generally starts with a visit to the site to survey the area and to get an idea of what the client is looking for.

Its a good idea to ask the client to jot down any ideas they have prior to the visit (it doesn’t have to be a work of art) and to have a think about the total budget of the project.





The next step is to measure up and have a look at the site, paying attention to things such as:

The gradient of the garden (does it fall form front to back, side to side etc).

The orientation, the direction of the sun and the areas of full-sun and shade at various times of day (I like to build seating areas in places that get either the evening or morning sun).

What’s the ground like underfoot? If it’s boggy or very dry it may need drained or irrigation (unlikely in Cumbria).

Rainwater and run-off drains need to be considered too, this is especially important if hard standing such as patios are built and if they abut the building it’s a good idea to avoid back fall to the property.



small rustic traditional garden



After the first visit a scale drawing is produced. Any amendments can be made as required and materials can be selected from samples. I find that materials that coordinate well with the fabric of the building make a good choice for the garden.




small rustic traditional garden

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