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A deck is a great addition to a garden.

Our decks are built from pressure treated timber that is resistant to the elements meaning you won’t need to do anything other than enjoy using it.


Installation begins with preparing the surface on which the deck is to be built.

The ground is cleared and a weed-resistant membrane laid.

Depending on the construction concrete plinths are set to provide stable footings for the framework. In some instances the supporting uprights may be concreted directly into the ground.

A framework of joists is built with timbers at 500mm centers (a minimum of 50x100mm in section) and noggins placed at 1M intervals.

Note that it’s a good idea to plan the frame so that the deck boards run perpendicular to the joists, this creates a much more rigid deck. Also consider the lengths of the deck boards, they come in standard lengths such as 2.4, 3.6, 4.8 m.

A well planned layout can avoid too much wastage (this is particularly important if you use hardwood boards that costs £12/m!!).

We generally use galvanised fixings to avoid corrosion and because they look better!


After Care

Periodically sweep your deck and remove and accumulated debris. Hardwood decks should be treated with oil annually, pressure treated decks need little care. A preservative such as Cuprinol wood preserver can be applied to untreated wood. Bear in mind that if you paint your deck it may wear unevenly and will look unsightly so if you choose to paint you will need to repeat application every couple of years!



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