It doesn’t rain it pours…


draining a back garden, land drainage

Land Drainage

Water is essential in a garden but too much and your plants won’t grow and the lawn will become a soggy sponge!


Land drains are a permanent solution to the problem.


How’s it done?

The process is quite simple really but it does involve quite a lot of digging!

Trenches are dug to around 900mm, lined with a geotextile membrane which acts as a filter medium.

The trench is lined with a bedding gravel and a perforated pipe installed upon this.

The pipe is covered with cover gravel and the membrane folded over the top of the cover material before the back-fill of around 200mm topsoil.

The area is then landscaped as necessary.

It is worth noting that a suitable outfall must be found for the water, it is not possible to drain a garden unless this can be found.

In some instances a soak-away can be installed.


land drain with gravel backfill in Dumfries

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