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flat top palisade Fence Dumfries




We offer a range of fences; everything  from ultra-robust concrete post and base to wooden post and rail, ranch fencing, steel railings and traditional picket.

At six feet high, the fence (left) was built to provide a secure boundary and screen for privacy. It also serves as a retaining structure for the raised beds (a second concrete base lies beneath the visible one).

Concrete post and base fences are a great choice, the posts are reinforced and will not degrade. The concrete base lifts the wooden panel above any splash caused by rainfall meaning the panel will be more resilient to the weather.



Construction of a six foot fence means a two-foot deep hole about twice the diameter of the post. Posts are concreted into place and a base butted up in the gap.

We recommend concreted fence posts into the ground but be aware that wooden posts will tend to suffer from rot (pressure treatment can lessen the rate) and can snap at the base in strong winds when the fence nears the end of it’s life-span.

After care is minimal for fences constructed as above but non-pressure treated fences need regular treatment with a preservative especially if the area is damp.


stepped fence

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