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Drives and block paving

We’ve been laying block paving for almost ten years. We provide free designs and free quotes with absolutely no obligation. Here are some photos of recent projects.

This drive (above and right) was was laid using Lakeland Kendlestone with a Lowtherstone edge. Typical installation involves excavating the site to a minimum of 225mm depth. A 150mm compacted foundation of type 1 subbase is topped with 25mm sharp sand which is leveled and screeded. The block paving is installed on top of the sand, cuts made to fit and kiln dried sand brushed into the joints before a plate compactor is passed over the blocks to settle the joints.

drive with circular feature
new drive hayton

Newly laid drive (still dusty)

This drive  was laid in Hayton using Lakeland Driveway block paving. The block is a more typical rectangular profile in brindle with a charcoal edge. Notice the double access covers in the centre of the drive. The unsightly steel lids have been swapped for recessed trays.

Drive in Lakeland Derwentsone

This drive was laid in Annan using Lakeland Derwentstone block-paving. The paving has been tumbled to give it an aged appearance more in-keeping with the house We also cover North Cumbria, Penrith, Dumfries, Gretna, Lockerbie and Langholm. Free quotes and designs. No obligation.

driveway laid in Annan

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